Good news everyone!

We have been quiet and hard at work the last couple of months. Too busy to respond to all the emails we have been getting (sorry about that). Too busy to spend time with our families and children and too busy to write this story in a timely fashion to share with you.

The reason behind it is because we are going to Gamescom to showcase Jengo for the first time ever! Going to the show came as a surprise to us so we had to really knuckle down and get a demo ready. On top of the small window of time we had to complete this task we also needed to get the dialogue translated into German. We are 11 days to the show now and still working around the clock to get things done! *GULP*

To all the voice artists mailing us, firstly thank you for being so pro-active in contacting us and wanting to get involved. As stated in our previous article the scope of the game has now changed, instead of keeping it episodic we are now turning Jengo into one complete adventure. Voice recordings will now only been done at a later date, close to the completion of the game. As smoe of you may know we work for a living during the day and work on Jengo in our free time in the evenings.

We are currently working towards getting our demo completed and to crowd source funding to pay all of our talent for the game, we simply can’t afford to pay anyone at the moment with our day-to-day commitments. While a lot of you have offered your services free of charge it would not sit well with our conscience in using you as slaves (even though the thought of Robot Wizards whipping slaves to our will sounds fun!).

So where to from here? Well keep an eye on the press and our website to hear about all the Robot Wizy things planned for the future. We are incredibly humbled by all of our fans, the game is not even out yet and people love what we are doing, truly awesome!

- Graeme